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press and pr photography advice

This page has a few tips on setting up a photocall and general information about my services.

I work as a press, public relations and corporate photographer in Brighton, Sussex, London and throughout the UK. If you have an enquiry or would like to discuss anything in more detail please email me or call 07831 505548 and I’d be pleased to talk to you.    Dave Perris/Lucky Dog Photography

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organising a press/pr photoshoot.

Some of the best photographs are spontaneous. Unfortunately, when you are setting up press and pr events, you can never rely on something interesting happening just when you want it.

I recommend that you arrange as much as possible in advance, then anything unexpected will be a bonus. I'm happy to discuss plans and offer suggestions for any future event. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Tell me what you want in as much detail as possible.
  2. Tell me when and where the pictures are needed. If you want them immediately after the event I'll need to know in advance, so I can allow time for processing and dispatch.
  3. Tell me where you are planning to use the pictures (type of publication etc.).
  4. Get me to turn up to a job a bit early, so we can walk around and see the location together.
  5. Make sure there is someone on the job who can point out key people and deal with problems if they arise.
  6. If you are expecting other press photographers, try to set up a couple of prearranged photo opportunities. They may not do exactly what you had in mind, but they will usually appreciate having something to work from.
  7. In a busy schedule allow time especially for photos, even if it’s only a couple of minutes. Tell the relevant people when it’s going to happen.
  8. Try to avoid boring line ups, cheque presentations etc. Some publications won’t even print them.
  9. If you have to get shots of managers/officials/dignitaries etc, think about setting up a less formal shot for use in other publications.
  10. Think about props that might be useful and make sure that they are available.
  11. Arrange access to viewpoints that could make the photo more interesting, roofs, balconies etc.
  12. Look for people, locations and stories that can be used to add interest to the event.
  13. Get permission to take photos if necessary. Places such as shopping centres, railway stations, supermarkets etc are all privately owned and can get very difficult if you just turn up and start snapping.
  14. Decide whether you need to use model release forms. These can be essential if you are taking sensitive photos for public use i.e. shots of children, hospital patients etc. They can also make things completely impossible if you try to get everyone in a busy shot to sign a form (and are often unnecessary).

    If you do decide to use them make sure you have a supply printed up and someone to help get them signed. If in doubt seek legal advice.

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sending photos online

If you would like to receive your images via the internet, I would suggest that you get an account with a file transfer service. I use Dropbox, which is easy to set up and use, and it’s free!

Email is not really suitable for sending more than one or two photos. It’s slow and there are often problems with file sizes and firewalls. I can use email in an emergency, but sizes and quantities will be limited.

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discs and backup

I usually supply finished work on a CD or DVD, you can ask for a disc even if you've had the photos sent by file transfer initially. Discs include a digital contact sheet, plus low and high resolution images. These can be viewed on almost any computer with a standard web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

I guarantee backup for one year and can supply duplicates as needed. A charge will be made for duplicates.

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technical information

File formats:

File sizes:

Current image file sizes are between 12 & 25 megapixels. This will easily print a high quality image up to an A3 page size. Much larger prints can be made using interpolation software if necessary.

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turnaround times

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portrait photos.

I can arrange group or individual portrait sessions, either on location or in a studio.

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terms and conditions

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