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wedding photography gift voucher
Gift vouchers

Wedding photography gift vouchers

I offer gift vouchers in a range of values, which you can buy now using the shopping cart at the bottom of the page.

They can be used towards the cost of a wedding photography package, wedding albums, canvases, prints and any of the other services that I provide.

  • For the bride and groom: Put these vouchers on your wedding list and you can use them for any services you haven't already paid for. Upgrade your existing wedding package or order a lovely album after the wedding.

  • For friends and family: Considerably more useful than a collection of toasters, these vouchers are a great idea for a wedding present and help to reduce the cost of the day for the couple.

You can buy them securely online through PayPal. We'll send you a voucher in the post, and an email confirming your purchase. You can send the voucher on to the bride and groom or, if you prefer, just forward the email. All they need to do is to quote the serial number to redeem the voucher.

They are valid for up to a year from the date of the wedding, so they won't start going out of date if you buy them in advance. You can buy one or more to make up the value of the gift you wish to send.

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