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Wedding photography FAQ's

If you've had a look at my work, and are considering booking me as your wedding photographer, this page will give you some information about the services you can expect. It's not a complete list and I can give more detailed answers if you want to arrange a meeting in my Brighton office.

If you have a specific question, or would like to book an appointment, please give me a call on 01273 709036 or contact Lucky Dog Photography by email.

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how do we find out your prices?

Please contact me for wedding photography prices or call 07831 505548, and I'll send you some examples of charges. Just tell me your name, wedding date and location. If you want to find out more I'll be pleased to speak to you.
You can have a package as described or I can tailor something to your exact requirements. I currently price wedding photography and albums separately, so you have more flexibility than a traditional package.

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which areas do you cover?

I'm based in Brighton but take bookings from all over Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London. Most of my work is within a 100 mile radius from home, but I would be pleased to consider trips farther from home and destination weddings, especially if you are going somewhere nice!

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we are looking at several wedding photographers,
can we meet you without any obligation to book?

Yes, I wouldn't want to book my wedding photographer without seeing them first. Please give me a call, we can arrange to meet up and I can show you more of my work. You can see if we get along, if I'm going to photograph your wedding day it's important that you feel comfortable with me.

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how many photographs do you take during a wedding and do we get all of them?

During a typical wedding day I'll usually take from 750 to 1500 photographs. Some will have people with closed eyes, be near duplicates, or sometimes just be plain uninteresting. I'll edit these down, do all the necessary post processing and present you with around 500, quite often more, finished photos. You'll get all the good ones.

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how long have you been a professional photographer?

I've been a full time professional photographer for over 20 years. I have a lot of experience in weddings, press, public relations and corporate photography. Working in these several different areas has given me a solid technical and creative base.

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do you carry spare equipment?

Yes, I don't get many equipment failures these days, but I always carry backups just in case.

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I hate having my picture taken.

Oh God, so do I. Never mind, you look lovely!

I usually take some formal shots of you and your family during the day, but for most of the time I'll just be blending in with the guests and shouldn't bother you too much. Most people become fairly relaxed about having their photo taken after a few minutes. If you've booked me to take photos of your preparations, you'll be quite used to having me around by the time you leave for the ceremony.

If you are still feeling a bit nervous you could think about having a pre-wedding or engagement session (see below).

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pre-wedding and engagement photography.

A pre-wedding or engagement session is a great way of getting used to having your photo taken, a chance for us to get to know each other a little before your wedding day, and an opportunity to get some really nice informal shots. There are no restrictions on this type of shoot, so you can do anything you want, anywhere you want (well, most things in most places). Give me a call if you'd like to have a talk about it. 07831 505548.

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do you do wedding albums?

Yes, very nice wedding albums which are designed in-house. You can choose one when you book your wedding package or you can decide after you've seen the photos. I price the photography and the albums separately, so you can see how much the different stages cost and make your choice.

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what sort of wedding albums do you supply?

I supply flush mount albums, also called storybook albums. Most of my albums come from a top UK manufacturer, the very best I could find after a lot of looking around. There's a fantastic range of cover materials, sizes and styles. You choose the type of album you want, I lay out the pages and show them to you for approval. The files are then sent to the manufacturer to print and bind, then dispatched in about six weeks. Each album is individually designed and completely unique.

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do we get the digital files from our wedding?

Yes, all my current packages include the high resolution digital files. Everybody is used to the idea of digital images these days and I find that most of my customers ask for the files from their wedding. I've decided to go with the flow and I'm happy to hand these over to you. However, it might be worth reading the next couple of paragraphs.

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can we get our own prints made?

Yes, you'll get a DVD with all the high resolution images, with colour and density corrections. You can take them to any lab and have them printed.

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can we order prints through you?
(and why would we bother if we already have the high resolution files?)

You can get prints directly from your disc or you can order them through me. Post processing is a big part of digital photography so, even if a photo comes out of the camera looking great, it can probably look better with some extra work in Photoshop. The photos on your disc will have all the basic corrections done and will be ready to print.

If you order prints through me they will have more work done on them. They will then (a) cost more, but (b) look better! I also use a professional lab, giving more accurate colours and densities than some cheaper outlets.

You have the choice of getting prints done yourself, ordering them through me, or doing a combination of both. I would say that anything that's going in an album or a frame is worth ordering through me. Ask to see some examples.

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can our guests see the wedding photos?

Everything will be posted online for your guests to see for 6 weeks or more. They will be able to go to my website, log on with the password I give to you and see pages of images. They can order prints directly through me if required.

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how do we book you as our wedding photographer?

*The retainer fee and final payment are not refundable. If you have to reschedule I'll try to cover your new date if I possibly can, but this is not guaranteed. Terms are detailed in my contract.

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what are the payment arrangements?

I normally ask for two payments. 30% of the total fee as a retainer for your date, and the balance one month before the wedding.

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when does our wedding photography booking become definite?

You'll have a firm booking from the time that I receive your retainer payment. I'm afraid that I can't reserve any dates until that has been paid. If you know your date but don't quite know what coverage you want, you can pay a retainer for the lowest priced package and just upgrade it later if you want to.

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do you use a contract?

Yes, I use a contract to avoid any possible misunderstandings. It sets out clearly what services you are paying for and my terms and conditions.

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what happens if you are ill and unable to attend the wedding?

I haven't missed a wedding yet, but if I do become seriously ill I'll make every effort to find a replacement photographer. If I can't find someone suitable, or if you are unhappy with the arrangement, I'll give you an immediate refund of all payments you have made.
I take my responsibility to photograph your wedding very seriously and will do everything I can to fulfil my agreement with you.

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are you fully insured?

Yes, I have professional public liability and indemnity insurance.

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can you guarantee that it won't rain on our wedding day?

Wish I could. If it does pour with rain there are always ways around it. If the rain is light we can mess around with umbrellas or take shelter under a tree. If it's impossible to go outside I carry studio lights and can set them up at the hotel or reception.

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I've got another question

Please get in touch and ask me. I'll send you a reply asap, and post the answer here if I think it would be useful to other people. Thanks for the feedback.

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